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About us

Who We Are

C-Suite Employment is a trusted firm committed to serving you professionally. Our professional service firm specializes in recruiting senior personnel and executives for global client firms or companies. We are dedicated to delivering professional and reliable solutions that you can never find in other recruitment firms.

Founded in 1996, our company effectively caters to leading companies looking for highly qualified executives and senior-level personnel aspiring to advance their professional careers to position highly experienced and competent leaders within the leading business organizations in the world. We managed to do this with great efficiency, professionalism, and success for almost 30 years.

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Why Choose Us?

Simply because we are experienced in this field and we are reliable. We are fair, efficient and fast and we are also friendly. We strive hard to satisfy clients and provide them with incredible support. These are always part of our important priorities.

Our executive recruitment staff and consultants have been seriously trained to ensure that they have both the headhunting skills and business acumen needed to operate in an executive recruitment setting or level. We are highly sought upon by more talented executives mainly because of our effective career advice. We are also recognized as one of the leading contributors to the business community's success.  


C-Suite Employment takes pride in being one of the highly respected and reliable leaders in terms of retained executive search. With almost 30 years of doing retained recruitment, choosing our company means you are choosing to commit with a recruitment company with the best knowledge and experience in the industry. With almost three decades of successful experiences behind us, we take pride in the credible reputation we have successfully established for client satisfaction and excellence.

So for all your executive recruitment needs, never hesitate to contact our company anytime. We have a complete range of services, including executive placements, business recruitments to all, private equity placements, executive assessment solutions and many more. We are fully prepared to give you the best hiring solutions.  

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What We Offer

Here at C-Suite Employment, we take pride in our ability to listen and quickly respond with agility and full attention. We also take great pride in providing high value, reliable and professional services through each and every aspect of business. We do not just want to serve; we want to make our clients fully satisfied and happy.

We offer a three-way technique in delivering the best possible solutions. We believe that global presence combined with expert solutions will result in excellence.  

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Our Services

Executive Placement Services

Our exclusive executive search has significantly accomplished commendable records of great achievements with highly distinguished openings and impressive transitioning executives’ track records.

Business Recruitments for All

We invested years of working with VC/PE firms. As our company has established relationships with customers and business partners, we also increased our capacity to operate effectively.

M&A Intermediary for the MBO Executives

Our experts also have the best capability of providing unmatched professional service regardless of which particular administrations are ideally suited to your circumstance and needs.

Our company also offers private equity placements, services beyond recruitments and executive assessment solutions. So if you are in need of one of our services, look no further as our company is here to address your needs. We have a complete range of wide-ranging networks of highly qualified professional contacts in the majority of industries to provide you with the best possible options or choices of companies.

Over the years, we have remained consistent in delivering premium quality services to clients and companies looking for the best executive placement services and hiring solutions.